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6 Mistakes the Rappers Make and How to Fix Them

6 Mistakes Rappers Make and How to Fix Them

Mistake 1.Choosing an Unoriginal Rap Name. Problem #1: Getting Noticed. Problem #2: Trademark

How to Fix It: Change your name, do a google search on your name. find if any one already has the name or if it clashes with a popular search. Artist usually fall in love with their moniker names because of the time invested to promote it. YOU WILL NOT LOSE YOUR FANS!!! having and unsearchable name is like have a pen with no ink it doesnt get you far.

Mistake 2. Spamming Your Music.

How to Fix It: spamming music is the easiest way to scare people away from you, something you can do to drive in more listeners is invest in great artwork, make shure to have your music on point mixed and mastered, get visuals, build news stories and get featured on blogs so you can get more content.

Mistake 3. Not Building Relationships.

How to Fix It: Artist just want to be artist, but learning who to be an artist with is a smart business move. team up with companies who challenge you to do better and provide you with the right tools to advance in your career.

Mistake 4. Trying to do everything by yourself.

How to Fix It: When trying to do everything yourself you miss out on opportunities for getting the best product. Their is a reason why companies pay speciefic people to handle certain aspects of an artist career. Some traits that are usually booked for an artist are: Graphics, Music Videos, Mixing/Mastering, Beats, and Writing.

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Mistake 5. Not creating good music.

How to Fix It: Most rappers like to get in the studio and work their magic, but the honest truth is most classics are not made over night, some questions you can ask yourself before any song you would like to record ask your self the classic 5 W´s (Who, What, When, Where, and Why)

Mistake 6. Not Learning or perfecting your craft

How to Fix It: Never stop learning... knoledge is key when trying to build a successful career


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